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This site is home to the many programs I have made. There are games and applications for Windows, Web Browsers, Cybiko and Amiga! About this site:

Contact Information

If you wish to contact me directly, please use the Personal Message feature on one of the following sites:

If you have any questions about any of these programs on this site, it may worth doing a search of the above forums to make sure that it has not already been answered before posting a message.

Latest Updates

02/02/17 : Avi2Cvc / Bmp2Cvi - Cybiko PC Program

I wanted to make something using the excellent FreePascal so remade these two! They can convert AVI / BMP files into something better suited to the Cybiko handheld computer! The download links can be found here!.

16/01/17 : 3D Object Loader / Viewer - Python Program

Just added a Python version of my FreeBasic 3D object viewer! Click here to visit the Python section

29/12/16 : MenaStar - Python Game

First download in the new Python section! This is (loosely) based on Sinistar, collect the diamonds to enable you to destroy the enemy space weapon! Click here to visit the Python section

09/10/16 : Colour Fill - Windows Game

This started as a basic prototype for a web game! Based on Qix/Stix, fill the area while avoiding the dangers! Very simple idea and easy to play! Click here to find out more!

23/09/16 : Chuckie Egg : Dash! - Browser Game

Another Chuckie Egg based game! This one features a single auto-scrolling level! Click to play!

28/08/16 : Space Search - Browser Game

Loosely based on the old text Star Trek game! Take command of your starship and search the galaxy for the enemy ships! This game does require Adobe Flash. Click to play!

03/07/16 : Fields of Monsters! - Windows Game

After not being able to find a Yu-Gi-Oh! type card game for Windows, I decided to try and make one! It took longer than expected but here it is : Fields of Monsters! The rules are simplified and there are fewer cards but it is a similar turn based card game! Click here to find out more!

26/03/16 : Maths Snake - Browser Game

Answer maths questions by eating the correct fruits in this game! Click to play!

06/02/16 : Chuckie Egg Returns (2016) - Windows Game

Major update to the Chuckie Egg game! Pretty much every part of the game has been improved! Click here to find out more!

03/01/16 : Animator - Windows Application

Create line art animations with this application! Click here to find out more!

14/10/15 : Match Maker - Windows Application

Create and play match pair games with this application! Click here to find out more!

06/09/15 : Colour Code - Browser Game

Swap the coloured balls to try and work out the combination in the least number of attempts! Click here to play!

28/08/15 : Twenty One - Windows Game

Simple card game against the computer! Get a higher score without going over twenty one! Also displays deck statistics to help you! Click here to find out more!

Little Man Computer
A Flash version of the LMC simulator. It can be programmed using either assembly language or by directly editting the values in the RAM boxes! Click here to play!
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