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This site is home to the many programs I have made. There are games and applications for Windows, Web Browsers, Java, Cybiko and Amiga! About this site:

Contact Information

If you wish to contact me directly, please use the Personal Message feature on one of the following sites:

Latest Updates

June 2021 Updates

So far this month:

May 2021 Updates

So far this month:

April 2021 Updates

More new stuff:

March 2021 Updates

More new stuff:

February 2021 Updates

More Java bits:

January 2021 Updates

Some Java adventure RPG games! These are ports of some of the Adobe Flash games that were on this site:

All of the above have had various tweaks and improvements compared to the original versions.

Unless I have missed anything, all Adobe Flash content except for the LMC Simulator has now been removed from this site. This is because most browsers would now not be able to load it anyway. Most of Flash content should have an alternative version somewhere on this site.

December 2020 Updates

Final things for this year! In the Java area:

November 2020 Updates

In the Java area:

October 2020 Updates

New in the Java area:

Updated in the Windows Games area:

In the Test area

D source is included with both of the above. As I have gone back to using the D language for now, I have restored the guides to the Guides area and added a new one.

August 2020 Update

New in the test area:

Source is included with all the above.

Little Man Computer
Browser and desktop versions of the LMC simulator which can be programmed using either assembly language or by directly editing the values in the RAM boxes! Click here to play!
Combined Best Practice Guide
Download this PDF guide for tips and ideas on how to improve your website and programs! Improve website performance and make your programs faster and more secure! Click here to find out more!
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