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This site is home to the many programs I have made. There are games and applications for Windows, Web Browsers, Cybiko and Amiga! About this site:

Contact Information

If you wish to contact me directly, please use the Personal Message feature on one of the following sites:

If you have any questions about any of these programs on this site, it may worth doing a search of the above forums to make sure that it has not already been answered before posting a message.

Latest Updates

16/02/18 : 8x8 Mono Sprite Editor - Browser Activity

Simple mono sprite editor which shows the byte value of each row. Find out more here!

27/01/18 : Infinite Road Racer - Windows Games

This started as prototype for a Spy Hunter web game but evolved into this! Race to the end of each stage avoiding the many obstacles, each stage is randomly generated and the difficulty increases with each stage! Find out more here!

25/08/17 : Infinite Star Racer 3,4,5 - Browser Games

This time the Infinite Star Racer games have been updated, the aim of all the games is to get as far as possible without crashing your ship into anything.

Like the Chuckie / Invader games, these have been organised better so the now share the same graphics set. They also share some of the same code to give the games a more consistant look and to save time!

20/08/17 : AR: Jet Pac / Chuckie Egg - Browser Games

Another html5 update:

05/08/17 : Diamond Mine / Invaders / Number Drop - Browser Games

Given the recent announcement about Adobe Flash being dropped in the near future, I have started converting some more of the games and activities on this site to html5:

The html5 versions are not be exact copies which is why they all have a new number!.

29/05/17 : Frogger - Browser Game

Another classic remake! Guide your frog across the avoiding the traffic and water! Click to play!

10/04/17 : Programming Guides

I have written two more programming guides, they are short but contain some easy to overlook tips and ideas:

06/04/17 : Menastar - Browser Game

Browser version of my Sinistar clone! Collect the diamonds, destroy the enemy battle station! Click to play!

02/02/17 : Avi2Cvc / Bmp2Cvi - Cybiko PC Program

I've remade these two using the excellent FreePascal! They can convert AVI / BMP files into something better suited to the Cybiko handheld computer! The download links can be found here!.

16/01/17 : 3D Object Loader / Viewer - Python Program

Just added a Python version of my FreeBasic 3D object viewer! Click here to visit the Python section

Little Man Computer
A Flash version of the LMC simulator. It can be programmed using either assembly language or by directly editting the values in the RAM boxes! Click here to play!
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