D Programming Language Area


This section aims to be a permanent home for the programs and guides I have made using D. Some of the content has been on this site before but spread across various sections. Admittedly D is not the primary language in use here, but it is a great language and hopefully this new section will help increase awareness of it.

What is the D Programming Language?

From the D website:

D is a general-purpose programming language with static typing, systems-level access, and C-like syntax. With the D Programming Language, write fast, read fast, and run fast.

The language aims to be fast and reduce errors, both very important features! Reading the aims of the language, there are a lot of things to like about it.

Applications / Programs

The following are D versions of some of the command line programs that are on this site. Source is included with each of them.

To keep the download size small, these are provided as a 7zip archives.

Amiga Animation Converter

Anim2Bmp (v0.1)
All New! 27/01/2024

Converts an Amiga Animation to a sequence of Windows BMP files!
Download now! (177KB 7Zip)

Amiga IFF Converter

Avi2Cvc (v2.8) / Bmp2Cvi (v2.4)
Freshly compiled: 20/01/2024

These tools can convert AVI videos and BMP images to a format more suitable for the Cybiko handheld computer. Source is included and demonstrates how modules can be used to reduce code duplication. Download now! (244KB 7Zip)

Amiga IFF Converter

Avi2Flc (v0.5)
Freshly compiled: 20/01/2024

Takes an uncompressed/msvc AVI and converts it to an 8bit FLC file which is compatible with VLC. (All new!)
Download now! (178KB 7Zip)

Amiga IFF Converter

Iff2Bmp (v0.3)
Freshly compiled: 20/01/2024

Converts an Amiga 8bit, 24bit or HAM IFF ILBM image to a Windows BMP file. (All new!)
Download now! (174KB 7Zip)

Path Tracer

Path Tracer (v0.1a)
All New! 14/02/2024

Port of Andrew Kensler's Path Tracer to D! Read the guide for more about this program and how using D's parallelism made it much faster!
Download now! (195KB 7Zip) | Read more!

Ray Tracer

Ray Tracer (v0.1)
All New! 16/02/2024

Port of Andrew Kensler's Ray Tracer to D! Read the guide for benchmarks and more information!
Download now! (195KB 7Zip) | Read more!

File compression utility

Squish (v0.2)
All New! 10/02/2024

Command line file compression utility. Experimental, originally used to compress files for the Cybiko. Does a reasonable job with text files.
Download now! (174KB 7Zip) | Read more!