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General Programming

These guides contain simple common sense tips and ideas to help improve whatever programs you are making.

Programming - Best Practices

A general non-language specific guide with tips and ideas on how to improve your programs!

Secure Programming - User Input (New!)

A non-language specific guide to making your programs more secure. This guide focuses on validating user input.

Programming - Math Loops (New!)

A non-language specific guide to optimising the maths in your programs loops.

Programming - Speed Up Using Assembly Language (New!)

This guide shows how a little assembly language can help speed up your programs massively. The example uses FreeBasic but the principle applies to any language.


These guides contain simple common sense tips and ideas to help improve whatever website you are making.

Websites - Best Practices

Simple tips on how to optimize your website for increased speed and compatibility!

Websites - Images

Improving the performance of your website by chosing the correct format for your images and other image related tips.

HTML5 / Canvas Programming

Improving Your Web Games - General Tips & Ideas (New!)

General guide on how to improve your Javascript based web games.

Improving Your Web Games - Graphics (New!)

Using sprite sheets to save space and reduce download times.

Bouncing Block

Simple demonstration of how to display and move an image.

Bouncing Blocks

Moving multiple images using an array.

Using The Mouse

Getting the mouse position and responding to a mouse click.

RLE Compression

Using RLE compression to store embedded data (such as game maps) in Javascript files.

Cybiko Programming

Creating Applications

For guides on how to create applications for the Cybiko handheld computer, click here

General PC Maintenance

Securing Your PC

Reduce the chance of your PC getting a virus, trojan or other bad things!

Optimising Your PC

Clean up your PC to get it running more efficiently!

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