Chuckie Egg Returns

This game is for Windows computers and is based on the classic Chuckie Egg game originally by A&F Software. For more information check out wikipedia.

The original Chuckie Egg (v0.3) game on this site was the core of most of the other games on this site. It was gradually improved over time, the most recent game that descended from this was (probably) Mononites. This version of Chuckie Egg (v0.4+) is an upgraded version of the original using a modified version of the Mononites core as well as pieces from some of my other games!

The aim of the game is still to collect all of the eggs on each level whilst avoiding the swans!


Both archives contain exactly the same files, the 7-Zip one is just smaller! To find out more about them click here

Version 0.4 [6/2/16] (FreeBasic source included)

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Chuckie Egg Returns Screenshot
This does not look good for our farmer...

Version History

Changes from 0.3