Arcade Games

Here you will find games that can be played in your browser.

Armour Ranger - Series

Armour Ranger : Jet Pac II screenshot

Armour Ranger : Jet Pac II

Assemble your ship and escape from the planet!

Chuckie Egg

Chuckie Egg : Touch! screenshot

Chuckie Egg : Touch!

Mouse only version! Guide the farmer by clicking where he needs to go to collect the eggs and avoid the swans!

Chuckie Egg : Dash! screenshot

Chuckie Egg : Dash!

Auto scolling version! Collect the eggs, avoid the swans, don't get left behind!

Infinite Star Racer - Series

Infinite Star Racer III screenshot

Infinite Star Racer III : Touch!

Guide your ship and avoid the space junk using just a click or tap!

Infinite Star Racer IV screenshot

Infinite Star Racer IV : Gravity!

A variation on the previous iRacer games! You still have to avoid space junk, only this time you only have one key/button and can only control your ships upward thrust! Without this, your ships starts plummeting towards the ground!

Infinite Star Racer V screenshot

Infinite Star Racer V

Classic iRacer with no gimmicks! Avoid the space debris for as long as possible in this continuous game!

Internet of Evil Things - Series

These are browser versions of the sub-games found in the Windows game 'Internet of Evil Things'.

Attack screenshot

IoET : Attacked from all sides! New!

Convert the evil C++ and Python programs to FreeBasic!

Maze screenshot

IoET : Maze! New!

Guide the FreeBasic cure to the corrupt C++ program!

Invaders - Series

Swarm screenshot

Invaders : Swarm II

Destroy all the invaders!

Drone Rescue screenshot

Invaders : Drone Rescue II

Recover the captured invasion fleet!

Pac-Man - Series

Pac-Man screenshot


Collect the dots and avoid the ghosts! 4 Levels!

Pac-Man screenshot

Pac-Man : Infinity
New! (29/08/23)

1 Player, 4 Ghosts, Many many mazes!

More Games...

Bugzap! screenshot


Very simple Javascript game. Shoot the bug as many times as you can before it lands!

Centipede screenshot


Stop the approaching centipede!

Diamond Mine screenshot

Diamond Mine III

Collect the diamonds whilst avoiding the rocks!

Fishing screenshot


Catch as many fishing within the time limit

Frogger screenshot


Guide your frog across the road!

Mononites screenshot

Invasion of the Mononites!

Zap the invaders, collect the orbs, save the people!

Menastar screenshot


Collect the diamonds, destroy the battle station!

Plane screenshot

Plane Game : Bomb Drop

Fly your plane and destroy the enemy weapons and buildings!

StarWave screenshot

StarWave New!

Defeat the waves of enemy invaders in this space shoot-em up!

Turret Command screenshot

Turret Command

Shoot the asteroids before they hit the ground!