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Windows Games

Click on one of the images below to take you to the projects main page. The project page contains the program download plus further information.

Adventure for Breakfast screenshot

Adventure for Breakfast!

RPG / Arcade Game. Collect. Explore. FBGD Nov 2010 Competition Entry.
(Source included)

Armour Ranger screenshot

Armour Ranger

Turrican / Metroid style platform game. Collect. Explore. Blow things ups!

Chuckie Egg Returns screenshot

Chuckie Egg Returns (2016)

New and improved Chuckie Egg! More egg collecting fun while avoiding swans!
(Source included)

Colour Fall screenshot

Colour Fall

Swap the coloured tiles to make lines of 3 or more!

Colour Fill screenshot

Colour Fill

Qix/Stix type game. Fill the area, avoid the dangers!

Numeria screenshot

Crisis on Numeria

Turn based adventure maths game! FBGD June 2014 Competition Entry.
(Source included)

Drone Rescue screenshot

Drone Rescue

Twist on space invaders. Play as the invader and rescue the drones. Nov 2007 Competition Entry.
(Source included)

Fields of Monsters! screenshot

Fields of Monsters!

Simplified Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters based card game! Try and defeat the computer!

Frantik screenshot


Coloured shape puzzle game. Clone of the Mac game 'Frenzic'.

Guardian screenshot

Guardian New!

Stop the invaders from taking the pods!
(Source included)

IOET screenshot

Internet of Evil Things New!

Capture and cure the evil programs! FBGD 2018 Competition entry.
(Source included)

Infinite Road Racer screenshot

Infinite Road Racer New!

Race to the end of each stage avoiding the many obstacles and dangers!
(Source included)

Mononites screenshot

Invasion of the Mononites!

Dizzy style platform game. FBGD 2011 Competition entry.
(Source included)

Pac-Man : Ghosts screenshot

Pac-Man : Ghosts

Play as the ghosts and try to stop pac-man from eating all the dots! My entry for the FBGD antagonist competition (Nov 09).
(Source included)

Pac-Man : Infinity screenshot

Pac-Man : Infinity New!

Collect the dots and avoid the ghosts over countless randomly generated mazes!
(Source included)


Retro Racer

16 colour racing game! My entry for the FBGD retro competition 2008. Click the link to find out more!
(Source included)

Spring Forward screenshot

Spring Forward!

Season hopping platform game, also features a level editor! FBGD Nov 2012 Competition Entry.
(Source included)

StarWave screenshot

StarWave New!

Battle against 3 types of enemy ship over 9 stages, collect upgrades and avoiding being destroyed.
(Source included)

Twenty One screenshot

Twenty One

Card game against the computer! Try to get higher without going over 21! Also helps by displaying deck statistics!

3D Maze Screenshot

Test Area

Other work in progress games / programs which have not got a project page...

Currently includes: 3D Maze, 3D Drive, Object Loader, Cybiko CVC Player.

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