FBGD Competition Entries

This page has my entries for the various FreeBasic Games Directory (FBGD) competitions. Source is included with all the entries, click on a screenshot for more information!

Previous Entries

2018 FBGD Entry

Internet of Evil Things

This year's theme is 'A Love Letter to FreeBasic', you can find out more by clicking on the link. Your task is to capture and cure the evil programs using the power of FreeBASIC! (October 2018)

2014 FBGD Entry

Crisis on Numeria

This year's theme is 'Numbers', you can find out more by clicking on the link. Save the people of Numeria and defeat the invaders using an awful lot of maths! (June 2014)

2012 FBGD Entry

Spring Forward!

Collect all of the rings on each level, to help you do this you are able to jump between the seasons! (November 2012)

2011 Entry

Invasion of the Mononites!

Revive the sleeping people and close all of the portals in this platform game! (November 2011)

Adventure for Breakfast screenshot

Adventure for Breakfast!

The theme was 'gameplay combination', so in this RPG you play various types of games to complete the mission! (November 2010)

Pac-Man : Ghosts screenshot

Pac-Man : Ghosts

Play as the ghosts and try to stop pac-man from eating all the dots! My entry for the FBGD antagonist competition. (November 2009).


Retro Racer

This year had a Retro Game theme so here is a blocky 16 colour racing game! (August 2008)

Drone Rescue screenshot

Drone Rescue

Twist on space invaders. Play as the invader and rescue the drones. Competition Entry. (November 2007)