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Mononites screenshot

Invasion of the Mononites!

Dizzy style platform game. FBGD 2011 Competition entry.
(FreeBasic source included)

Pac-Man : Ghosts screenshot

Pac-Man : Ghosts

Play as the ghosts and try to stop pac-man from eating all the dots! My entry for the FBGD antagonist competition (Nov 09).
(FreeBasic source included)

Pac-Man : Infinity screenshot

Pac-Man : Infinity
Updated! (21/10/23)

Collect the dots and avoid the ghosts over countless randomly generated mazes!


Pushover (v0.2a)

Move around the dominoes so they all fall down! Some of the dominoes have special properties!
Download now! (16KB Zip)


Retro Racer

16 colour racing game! My entry for the FBGD retro competition 2008. Click the link to find out more!
(FreeBasic source included)

Space Search

Space Search (v0.3b)

Search the galaxy and destroy the enemy ships! Based on the old Trek type games.

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