Educational Games

Here you will find educational games and tools that can be played in your browser. They are designed to help you learn and to challenge your abilities in the areas of maths, memory and words.

More activities are in the Information Technology area and there are stopwatches / countdown timers available too!

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Maths Games

Areas of Shapes screenshot

Areas of Shapes

Work out the areas of rectangles and triangles. Also features a free draw option allowing you to draw your own shapes!

Addition - Boxes & Circles screenshot

Addition : Boxes & Circles

Work out the missing numbers in this puzzle! Each box is the sum of the two values next to it, work out the value of either the boxes or the circles!

Checkout Chaos! screenshot

Checkout Chaos!

The shop tills have stopped working! Can you total up the items as they scroll across the screen? Based on the sub-game from Adventures with Numbers!

Clock Challenge! screenshot

Clock Challenge

Answer questions about time! Look at the time on clock and work out what the time was or will be!

Countdown : Numbers Game screenshot

Countdown : Numbers Game

Choose six numbers and try to reach the target using only add, subtract, multiply and divide! You can only use each number once!

Fractional Farming! screenshot

Fractional Farming!

Can you plant the correct amount of plants and vegetables? Based on the sub-game from Adventures with Numbers!

Fractions : Size Comparison screenshot

Fractions : Size Comparison

Work out which is the smallest or largest of two fractional numbers! Answers displayed using a linear model.

Maths Challenge II screenshot

Maths Challenge II

10 random maths questions, answers can either be entered using the keyboard or the onscreen buttons. Questions are either add, subtract, multiply, divide or a mixture.

Maths Snake screenshot

Maths Snake

Eat the fruit with the correct answer! Wrong fruit means you lose a point and grow!

Number Drop screenshot

Number Drop II

Put the falling blocks into rows and columns so they add up to 10. Bonus blocks will also fall adding to the difficulty and enabling you to get higher scores!

Number Search screenshot

Number Search

Like word search with numbers instead! Find the answers to the questions in the number grid. The longer your answer, the more points you get!

Number Shapes screenshot

Number Shapes II

Each shape has a value, work out the values to discover which shape should be where the question mark is!

Numeria screenshot


Rescue the people and defeat the invaders using maths!

Numix screenshot


Move various size blocks to answers the questions. Part game, part teaching aid!

Singapore Maths : Bar Model Questions screenshot

Singapore Maths : Bar Model Questions

These word based maths questions will test you on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each question shows a bar representation of the numbers involved which will help you reach your answer!

Singapore Maths : Number Bonds Questions screenshot

Singapore Maths : Number Bond Questions New! (05/02/2023)

Explore the relationship between numbers and work out the missing value in these number bond questions!

Treasure Hunt screenshot

Treasure Hunt

Use the co-ordinates and directions to guide the small ship to sunken treasure!

Memory Games

Match Pairs screenshot

Match Pairs

Click on the tiles and try to pair them up as quickly as you can in the least number of clicks! For one or two players!

Memory Challenge II screenshot

Memory Challenge II

Remember where the numbers are and then click on them in the correct order! The numbers disappear after you have clicked on first one!

Word Games

Apple Drop screenshot

Apple Drop

Type in a word or phrase and get others to guess what it is! An apple falls from the tree with each incorrect guess!

Countdown : Letters Game screenshot

Countdown : Letters Game

Choose nine letters and try to make the longest word! Play against the clock or against a friend!

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Information Technology / Computer Science

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Little Man Computer

Little Man Computer

A simple computer that can be programmed using either assembly language or by directly editing the values in the RAM boxes.

Little Man Computer II

Little Man Computer II

A simplified visual version of the Little Man Computer simulator!

Logix screenshot


Create simple logic gate circuits!


New! (21/08/2023)

Drag and drop blocks to program your tank and cross the finish line!

8x8 Mono Sprite Editor

8x8 Mono Sprite Editor

Have fun drawing mono sprites and see the byte value of each row!

Turtle Draw

Turtle Draw
New! (10/08/2023)

Drag and drop blocks to program your turtle and create shapes and patterns!

Clocks / Timers

Exam Clock screenshot

Exam Clock

Large clock with choice of colours! The page the clock is on is darker themed so not to be distracting.

Simple Timer screenshot

Simple Timer

A browser based stopwatch / countdown timer. Set a target time, then click start to either count up or count down to it!