Cybiko Reborn

The CyBornOS is Gotthardts project to create a replacement sdk and operating system for the Cybiko, it uses the cygwin environment and gcc compilers to create programs that run directly on the Cybiko hardware. One of the main advantages of this is that, as the programs are no longer bytecode interpreted, they can run much faster.

For more information on the CyBorn project check out the sourceforge homepage.

For guides to compiling programs using the cyborn tools see below:

The programs below contain instructions on compiling and sending to a cybiko.

CyBornOS programs and source code

Sensitive (Remix)

This is a clone of the Commodore 64 game of the same name. You must get from the start to the finish whilst passing over and removing every tile. Trickier than it sounds, their are four screens to play.

This version is a port of the cybiko app, the changes include more speed, an extra level and a cool background.
Download now (source included)

Elektra Slideshow

This is program displays five images from the Elektra movie, it uses the cvc/i compression routines to decompress the images to the screen.

The PC program file2c is also include in the zip, this program converts a file into a 'C' array.
Download now (source included)


This is a simple sprite test program. It uses 1byte/pixel to 4pixel/byte conversion routine to bounce a sprite around the screen, it's a little slow but the method works.
Download now (source included)