Cybiko - Games and Applications


Adventure for Breakfast! (Cybiko)

Adventure for Breakfast!

Explore, collect and solve puzzles in this adventure game!
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Centipede for Cybiko


Stop the approaching centipede! Cybiko version of the Atari classic!
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Chuckie Egg for Cybiko

Chuckie Egg (v0.2)
Updated! (23/09/2023)

Collect the eggs whilst avoiding the swans in this Cybiko version of the classic platform game.
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Cybiko Brain Game

Cybiko Brain Game (v0.3)

Numbers and letters puzzle game.
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Infinite Star Racer for Cybiko

Infinite Star Racer

Avoid the space debris for as long as possible in this continuous game!
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Lemmings for Cybiko

Lemmings (v0.3)
Updated! (24/09/2023)

Clone of the Lemmings game originally by Psygnosis. Save the lemmings from falling to their doom!
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Sensitive for Cybiko

Sensitive (v0.2)
Updated! (23/09/2023)

Clone of the C64 game of the same name. Run over all the tiles and reach the exit!
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Starship Command for Cybiko

Starship Command (v0.3)

Space trading game. A combination of Asteroids and Elite.
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Tower Defense for Cybiko

Tower Defense (v0.5)
Updated! (23/09/2023)

Clone of the VectorTD game originally by David Scott.
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Applications / Utilities

StormPlayer for Cybiko

StormPlayer (v0.9.4)
Updated! (23/09/2023)

Cybiko Media Player, can play and display various file formats.
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Bmp2Cvi Image Converter

Bmp2Cvi v2.5 (PC Program)
Updated! (22/05/2023)

Convert an uncompressed bitmap image to the smaller and faster cvi image format.
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(C# Source included)