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Windows Games - Test Area

These are rough programs which either are not developed enough to warrant a full project page or are made simply as test programs. Make sure you read the included 'readme.txt' file with the program for more information.


3D Object Loader/Viewer

Easily load and view .obj files in FreeBasic. (Work in progress)
Download now! (75k zip)
(Source included)

3D Drive

3D Drive

Drive a round a small city!
Download now! (82k zip)

3D Maze

3D Maze

Collect the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts in this OpenGL maze game!
Download now! (72k zip)

CVC Player

CVC Player New!

Play 4-colour Cybiko CVC movie files on your pc! Download video clips from here.
Download now! (54k zip)

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