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Little Man Computer

This is based on the Little Man Computer by Dr. Stuart Madnick as described on wikipedia. It is a simple computer that can be programmed using either assembly language or by directly editing the values in the RAM boxes.

Quick Start: Type in your program, Click Assemble to RAM and then press Run. Press Step to see each instruction at a time.

Web Browser

Adventures with Numbers!


A simplified visual version of the Little Man Computer simulator!
Click here to play!

Adventure for Breakfast!

LMC (Adobe Flash)

This version requires Adobe Flash which is now blocked on most platforms.
Click here to play!

Windows Desktop

Both versions below are for Windows PC's and have the same options, the only difference is the requirements.

LMC for .Net Framework 4

LMC for .Net Framework 4 New!

If you are running Windows, you probably want this version.
Download now! (11KB .zip)

LMC for .Net Core 3.1

LMC for .Net Core 3.1 New

This should be more efficient than the .Net4 version but requires .Net Core 3.1 installed.
Download now! (84KB .zip) - Buy Games & Codes for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC / Mac.
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