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Java Area

These games have been made using Java 11 (LTS) and require the Java 11+ Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be downloaded from AdoptOpenJDK

Note: These are JAR files that are to be downloaded and run and not browser applets!


Armour Ranger

Armour Ranger New!

Turrican style platform game! Two missions, many enemies!
Download now! (103KB .jar)


Batty New!

Arkanoid/Batty clone! Use your paddle and ball to destroy the blocks!
Download now! (20KB .jar)

Block Drop

Block Drop

Columns clone! Remove the blocks! Two game modes
Download now! (22KB .jar)

Centipede (for Java)


Stop the centipede!
Download now! (12KB .jar)

Chuckie Egg Future (for Java)

Chuckie Egg Future

Avoid the drones and turn on the power eggs!
Download now! (26KB .jar)

Colour Fill

Colour Fill New!

Styx clone, fill the area and avoid the bouncer and creeper!
Download now! (12KB .jar)


Deal? New!

Based on Deal or no Deal game. Pick a box and try to sell it for the highest amount!
Download now! (10KB .jar)

Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine New!

Collect the diamonds and avoid the boulders!
Download now! (12KB .jar)

Drone Rescue

Drone Rescue New!

Rescue the stranded Invader ships!
Download now! (43KB .jar)



Fit the coloured segments into free spaces against the clock!
Download now! (11KB .jar)

Infinite Road Racer

Infinite Road Racer

Race to the end of each stage avoiding the many obstacles and dangers!
Download now! (36KB .jar)

AR : Jetpac III (for Java)

AR : Jetpac III

Armour Ranger spin-off, assemble your rocket and collect green diamonds to power it!
Download now! (59KB .jar)

Light Cycles

Light Cycles

Two player game based on the Tron game! Three arenas to choose from!
Download now! (9KB .jar)

Memory Challenge

Memory Challenge New!

Remember the order then click on the blocks! Simple!
Download now! (5KB .jar)

MenaStar (for Java)


Collect the diamonds to destroy the enemy super weapon! Based on Sinistar / Deathstar type games.
Download now! (24KB .jar)

Pac-Man : Infinity II (for Java)

Pac-Man : Infinity II

1 Player, 4 Ghosts, Many many mazes!
Download now! (20KB .jar)

Pushover (for Java)


Push over all the dominoes against the clock!
Download now! (22KB .jar)

RoboTanks TD (for Java)

RoboTanks TD New!

Destroy the enemy tanks in this Tower Defense game!
Download now! (30KB .jar)



Run over all the tiles and get to the exit!

Download now! (16KB .jar)

Java Trek

Space Search

Find and destroy the enemy ships! Based on the old Trek type games.

Download now! (36KB .jar)



Shoot waves of invaders!
Download now! (18KB .jar) - Buy Games & Codes for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC / Mac.
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