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Puzzle Games

Here you will find games that can be played in your browser. These games require either Adobe Flash, Java or a modern web browser to work.

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For more brain games - Visit the Educational Games section of this site!
Countdown screenshot

Colour Code

Swap the coloured balls to try and work out the combination in the least number of attempts!
Requires a modern browser.

ColourFall screenshot


Swap the coloured blocks to make lines of 3 or more!
Requires a modern browser.

Countdown screenshot


Letters and numbers game based on the UK quiz on Channel 4. Requires Java

Visit the Educational Games section for Countdown : Numbers Game and Countdown : Letters Game. No Java or Flash required!

Frantik screenshot


Java version of my Frenzic clone 'Frantik'. Fit the coloured segments into free spaces against the clock!
Requires Java

Frantik II screenshot

Frantik II

Put the center coloured shape into one of the outer containers againt the clock in this fast and colourful puzzle game! No browser plugins required!
Requires a modern browser.

LightWords screenshot

LightWords New!

Light up the 8 letter words by clicking on the buttons! Each button will turn on two lights but if the light is already on, it will be turned off!
Requires a modern browser.

Sensitive screenshot


Puzzle game based on the classic C64 PD game. Remove all of the tiles and reach the exit!
Requires Java

Sensitive II screenshot

Sensitive II

Newer version of Sensitive game above! This version does not require Java or Flash!
Requires a modern browser.

Spring Forward! screenshot

Spring Forward!

Collect the rings by manipulating the seasons!
Requires Adobe Flash

Word Search

Planets Word Search


Find the hidden planets!
Requires a modern browser.

Animal Word Search


Find the hidden animals.
Requires a modern browser.

For more brain games - Visit the Educational Games section of this site!
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