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StormPlayer (latest version 0.9.1)

StormPlayer is a media player for the Cybiko handheld computer. It can play/display the following file types:

Bitmap (.bmp) : Uncompressed 24bit,16 colour and mono. 24bit and 16 colour are dithered to give a better image. Maximum resolution of 320x200.
Cybiko Pic (.pic) : The standard cybiko picture format.
Cybiko XPic (.xpic) : The cybiko photo picture format. Picture are converted from 16 colour to 4 colour.
Flick animations (.fli/.flc): Most frame types are supported.
Avi Files (.avi): These must have a maximum resolution of 160x100 and be compressed in Microsoft Video 1 (msvc).
Html pages (.htm/.html): Stormplayer supports most of the basic formatting as well as links and images, tables however are not supported. Also pages should not be longer than three screens.
Text documents (.txt/.asc): Standard text documents. The text reader is not too great at the moment so you could be better off using the standard reader..
VideoNow (.wav): Stormplayer can play VideoNow clips that have been created using Greg Smiths VideoThen java program. VideoThen can be found on sourceforge.
cvc / cvi : These are two custom formats, one for video and one for images. See the readme file for more details. In case anyone is wondering, cvc=cybiko video container cvi=cybiko video image (both formats use the same compression).
Spectrum (.scr) : This is the Spectrum computers native image format. This format is probably of no use to anyone but was added for completeness!
Book (.book/.txt/.asc) : Any text or cybiko book file can be read. This works like Run Reader.

This release also contains the latest version of the Avi2Cvc converter program. With it you can convert specially formatted avi files into cybiko video clips! Instructions are included.

Download StormPlayer 0.9.1 (76k)
[21/09/08] (Source included!)

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New! Download CVC video clips from here

Version History

Changes from 0.9.0

Changes from 0.8.7

Changes from 0.8.6

Changes from 0.8.5

Changes from 0.8.4

Still to come in StormPlayer
The following are features that may appear in newer versions of StormPlayer:

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