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Cybiko - Games and Applications

More Cybiko downloads, this page is mostly work-in-progress and test programs.



This is a clone of the Commodore 64 game of the same name. You must get from the start to the finish whilst passing over and removing every tile. Trickier than it sounds, there are four screens to play.
Download now

Vector top down 3d progam

This is more a test program really, I made it to see how fast the cybiko was at calculating/displaying vector graphics. This then lead on to the next program...
Download now (Source included)

First person maze

This is my attempt at a fps style program for the Cybiko, included in the zip file is a wireframe and a solid filled version. The source is annotated to show what changes need to be made to enable the filled polgons.
Download now (Source included)

Generic platform game

As the title suggests, this is a basic platform game. It features many moving objects and things to collect.
Download now (Source included)

Video / Graphics

Bmp2Cvi v2.0 (PC Program) New!

This command line program can convert an uncompressed bitmap image (.bmp) to the cvi format. These are generally smaller and load a lot faster than bmp files. The maximum resolution is 320x200 and the width should be divisible by 4.
Download now

Cvc / Cvi source

One of the newer feature in Stormplayer was the cvc format, it allowed the cybiko to play small decent quality movie clips. This source allows anyone to include cvc playback in their cybiko programs.
Download now

Submaker (PC Program)

This program creates subtitle file for Stormplayer (to help compensate for lack of audio...). It reads in a text file and converts it to a subtitle file.
Download now

Spectrum graphics viewer

As the title suggests, this program allows you to view spectrum .scr files. The program has no user interface as it is just for demostration.
Download now (Source included)


Serial Loader (Cybiko + PC Program)

This program can be used to upload programs to the cybiko. When the app is run on a cybiko, it waits until the PC program 'relay.exe' sends a file. Be sure to look at the readme.txt file.
Download now (Source included)

Still on the drawing board...

A Spreadsheet

A little spreadsheet could be really handy to have and should not be too difficult to make.

Spyhunter clone / Driving game

A good vertical scrolling driving game would be very cool.

3D something..

Something that actually uses the 3D source above would be good. Same goes for the platform source..

Duel Monsters game

On the Amiga I am currently making the core of duel monster style game, the plan is that this will be used in a Cybiko game of some sort. I have it all planned out in my head, it's only(!) a matter of coding it.

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