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CyArc (latest version 0.4)

Two of the problems with the cybiko is that you cannot make folders and that if you have not got the MP3 unit, file space is very limited. This program aims to remedy that.

Their are two parts to this:

Java CompressorThis takes a file or folder and creates the file archive. Where possible, files are compressed using the huffman method which on average makes files 1/3 smaller, the actual results vary dependant on the file but this can be much higher.
CyArc Cybiko appThis allow the user to browse through the file archive and view or extract files. To run, this program (and any that use the extract functions) require the table.dat file on the cybiko, this is the huffman table used. Originally this was generated by the cybiko but it is much faster to just load it from a file.

CyArc can now also work with TAR archives and archives created with the cybiko 'filer' program.

Originally this program was going to use one of the more popular compression formats (e.g. zip,rar or lha) but all of these had various problems (no source, hideously complex soure etc...). So i thought i may as well try and make my own!

Also, this was all going to be intergrated into StormPlayer (some bits are used) but it saves a lot of memory by keeping things seperate.

Download now (18k)

Version History

Changes from 0.3

Changes from 0.2

Changes from 0.1

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