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Word Games - Create Your Own Word Games

This application is a presentation teaching aid. Make your own word games by simply clicking on create and typing in some words or sentences!

When you have made your list of words/sentences, it can be displayed as a list of:


Easy to use

Just select 'Create' from the 'File' menu and type in a list of words! To make a hidden word game, just put the word to hide inside a pair of square brackets.

Interactive Whiteboard and USB Presenter friendly!

The games work well with interactive whiteboards, simple tap to reveal. If you have a usb presenter device, you can also use that to reveal the answers (just press the slide advance button).

No install required

Just extract the zip! This program was made using Freepascal / Lazarus and has no dependancies. It can also be taken with you and run from a USB drive.


This applications was made and tested using Windows XP, but it will probably work fine on anything from Windows 2000 upwards.

Click to download (.zip 684kb)
Version 0.4c [13/07/15]

Visit the Educational Games section of this site for more word, maths and memory games!


Word Games Screenshot

Version History

Version 0.4c (13/07/15)

Version 0.4b (11/06/15)

Version 0.3 (10/07/13)

Version 0.2 (06/07/13)

Version 0.1 (01/07/12)

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