Cybiko Viewer

This application allows you to view and play some obscure file formats. It was made as I had various Amiga renders and animations that I could not easily view plus a bunch of other decoders that I thought I may as well add!


The following file formats are supported but compatibility may not be 100% due to the lack of test files I had available:


Cybiko Viewer screenshot


Despite the different version numbers, the Windows and Java versions are virtually identical. The only real difference is the that Windows versions can copy to the clipboard. The number really just indicates bugs found and fixed...

Windows version (v0.7c)

This program requires the .NET Framework 4.8, this is now part of Windows but may need installing on older systems.

Java version (v0.5b)

This application was made using Java 11 (LTS) and requires a Java 11+ Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be downloaded from Adoptium. This version should also work on Apple Mac's and Linux based computers with a suitable JRE installed!

Click here for instructions on how to download and install Java! ☕