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Animator - Create line art animations!

Create simple animations with this easy to use free application!
Work in progress! Hopefully more features will be added over time!


Easy to use

Click on a colour and draw! Add another frame by clicking on the '+' button. Use the onion skin feature to see the previous frame and create more advanced animations!

Saves in FLC format

Files are saved as FLC animations so can be imported into other programs! Loading from other programs is still in progress...

Export as AVI

Files can be exported as AVI's which can be used in other applications such as Movie Maker!

No install required

Just extract the zip! This program was made using Freepascal / Lazarus and has no dependancies. It can also be taken with you and run from a USB drive.


This application was made and tested using Windows XP, but it will probably work fine on anything from Windows 2000 upwards.

Both archives contain exactly the same files, the 7-Zip one is just smaller! To find out more about them click here

Version 0.1 [03/01/16]


Animator Screenshot

Version History

Version 0.1 (03/01/16)

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