Amiga Introduction

What is an Amiga?

The Amiga were a series of computers made by Commodore in the 80's and 90's. There were many models (A500 to A4000) and variations (CDTV , CD32). They were great for both games and business. Their excellent graphics ability at the time meant they were used in the production of some TV shows, notably Babylon 5 and seaQuest.

Where can I get one?

Given that they have been out of production for many decades, second hand or retro / vintage electrical shops are your best bet.

Online, eBay* is an option though prices are a generally very high.

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Amiga Programs and Graphics

These are some of the programs I made for the Amiga. They are quite old now but have been on this site since it first began!


Screenshot of Minihtml

Mini Html

As the name suggests, this is a small web page viewer. I wrote it as an external program for DiskMaster2. It is written in BlitzBasic 2.1. I started and stopped development on this in 2000, I recently added a few more features to make it more usable.
Download now! (38KB Zip)

Amiga QOI Viewer

QOI Viewer (v0.1)
All New! (15/07/2024)

This program can display (small) QOI compressed images! It can be run from the command line so integrates well with DiskMaster2 and similar applications. It does not use any HAM modes but does feature error diffusion to improve image quality. It was written in BlitzBasic 2.1.
Download now! (16KB Zip)


Screenshot of Missile Command

Missile Command

Shoot the missiles before they hit the ground! Another of my old programs also made using BlitzBasic 2.1.
Download now! (23KB Zip)


These are some 3D renders created by me many many years ago using Imagine 4. They are IFF animations can be viewed easily on an actual Amiga, to view them on a Windows PC you can use Cybiko Viewer which can be found on this site.

M.A.S.K. - Boulder Hill

M.A.S.K. - Boulder Hill

Transformation sequence
Download now! (112K Zip)

M.A.S.K. - Jackhammer

M.A.S.K. - Jackhammer

Transformation sequence
Download now! (91K Zip)

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